Hello and welcome to Japan Psychology, a blog and (hopeful) YouTube channel centred around exploring the psychology of Japan. I am Jake, a psychology undergraduate from Great Britain. I hope for this project to be both entertaining and interesting for those, like me, have a love of Japan.

Psychology is more than mental health, it's about behaviour, culture, discourse, relationships, emotion and everything that makes us who we are. Through this project I intend to showcase psychology under a Japanese lens and bring attention to the unique take Japan's psychology brings to the field.

Japanese culture has had great influence on me since an early age. In 2015 I visited  Kyoto, Osaka and Tokyo, in 2017 I visited Tokyo again. I intend to return to Japan as soon as possible.

In addition to the psychology of Japan, I am interested in Cyberpsychology, a field related to our relationship with the digital world.